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Our Core area of business focusses on defence services and include procurement and Sale of Equipment, Systems, Spares , After sales support, Total Supply Chain Management & Support for Land forces, Marine sector, Special Task forces, Coast Guard, Police Forces etc

Among other things we have customized solutions for our defence clients including:

  • Armoured / EOD vehicles
  • RIBS / Boats
  • Medical Shelters
  • Fenders
  • Fire Vehicles
  • Lifejackets
  • Special Vehicles
  • Radar / Sonar
  • Mobile Ops Room
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • CBRNE Equipment
  • Maintenance / Upgrade &After Sales Support

Anti Riot Equipment:

  • Anti Riot Shield
  • Anti Riot Electric Shield
  • Anti Riot Hydration System
  • Anti Bullet Proof Chest Vest
  • Anti Riot Special Boots
  • Full Anti Riot Suit with Body Protection
  • Anti Riot Arm and Leg Protectors
  • Anti Fire Suit
  • Anti Riot Cut-Resistent Gloves
  • Anti Riot Telescoping Baton
  • Anti Riot Stun Baton
  • Anti Riot Tonfa Baton
  • Taser Electric Pistol
  • Steel Anti Riot Mobile Barrier
  • Anti Riot Helmet with Visor and Neck Protector
  • Ballistic Level IIIA Riot Helmet with Visor

"Changing the face of after sales service"

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